Why choose us for lettings?


A stressful process made easy by Minors & Brady. Quite simply, sit back, relax and let us deal with everything.


Whether you want us to find you a tenant, collect the rent, or fully manage everything and any work required, we cover all of the above.


A free Lettings appraisal will include a free valuation and completely transparent fees, which are only payable if we successfully find you a tenant. We’ll give you completely free advice on what may be required in order to rent the property for maximum value, it is after all a business investment.


Once we’ve lined up a tenant, we’ll reference them to ensure they are suitable and set up the necessary assured shorthold tenancy agreement, ready for the move. Some of our landlords enjoy keeping busy by managing their own properties, so we can just find you the ideal tenant and leave you to it. The majority want no stress or late calls discussing a faulty washing machine, so they leave everything to us.


Whichever package you instruct us to undertake, you’ll be confident in knowing that the transaction will be dealt with by a partner of Minors & Brady.



Request aValuation

Looking to sell? Find out how much your home is worth with a free, no obligation valuation by one of our directors.