What do buyers look for in their new homes - 2022

Published: 04/08/2022

1. Updated Kitchens & Bathrooms

   You spend most of your time in the kitchen (and depending on your cooking skills,
   possibly the bathroom too), so its normal to want nice and modern areas to entertain
   and be with the family. These are also the places that will eat into your budget the
   most when renovating.

2. Energy Efficiency
   Our brains are currently filled with the cost of living, energy efficient homes
   will help with the cost of rising bills. If you have a newer home, it's more likely
   to be easier on the pockets. Yet older homes may need some updating with anything from new
   windows/insultation down to smaller inexpensive things such as LED lightbulbs etc.
3. Wireless Connectivity

   New ways of working have made us rely on WIFI and connections more than ever. A question
   we frequently get asked is "What's the WIFI like?". High speed and fibre optic broadband
   is now more readily available so a good connection to this only helps when selling your

4. Flexible Living

   This ties in a lot with our previous point. The more flexibility there is within your
   home to create spaces for study, working, children, extra guests - the easier you'll
   find selling. Especially to those who have growing families or work from home.
5. Walk-in pantry/Utility Space

   An obvious one, but extra space to hide away white goods and piles of washing is
   always a winner. More and more homes are including these into renovations or remodels.
   They've also become popular for on social media outlets as a place to show off your
   organising skills.