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The Norfolk Broads

The Area

The Norfolk broads is an extremely popular area made up of over 125 miles of river and over 30 individual ‘broads’. Stretching from Beccles to Dilham and onwards to Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft.

Property Types & housing market 

The Norfolk Broads are a very sought after holiday destination for those looking to stay in the UK, many people as a result of their holiday move to the Broads villages and towns, meaning the demand for houses is high. As an estate agent working within the Broads area we see people from all over the country (and sometimes further afield) enquire four our properties, the prince range is very extreme – we have sold properties anywhere from £20,000-£1,000,000. 

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What to do in The Norfolk Broads

The Broads has been completely man-made by previous generations digging for turf and peat. As many will know, the Broads is a nature haven, the area is jam packed with water and land animals – small and large which is also a part of its attraction to holiday makers. As you travel along the river by boat you will be greeted by riverbeds full of reeds, they act as a natural barrier again erosion and are maintained by workers to keep them from turning into waste land.

In summary, the Broads is a beautiful place in which we are lucky to live and enjoy every day, if you’re looking for your new home in the Norfolk Broads, give us a call.