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Meet the Team

Jamie Minors


With a passion for the property industry, Jamie established his own business in December 2014, following six years of experience in estate agency. Jamie's journey began at Thorpe St Andrew 6th form, where he developed an unwavering fascination with the property market, starting as a Trainee and steadily progressing to become a Branch Manager, Jamie honed his skills by working alongside some of Norfolk's top estate agents. 

While Jamie now devotes much of his time to running the company, his hands-on approach remains intact. You might catch him at our offices, personally arranging viewings or valuations. His commitment to exceptional service drives our award-winning team, guided by the principle of quality over quantity. "We understand that selling a home can be both exciting and challenging. That's why our entire team is devoted to ensuring a smoother transition for our clients. We take pride in offering unwavering support throughout the entire process, easing the stress associated with such a significant life event." 

Outside of work, Jamie enjoys an active lifestyle, engaging in various sports and keeping fit with invigorating 6 am gym sessions. He also treasures moments spent with his fiancé Sarah and their son, Maxwell. 

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Alex Brady


Alex, has a wealth of agency experience. Since leaving school, Alex has been immersed in the estate agency industry, honing his skills and expertise. Prior to teaming up with Jamie, he spent three years managing a flagship office for one of the nation's largest estate agents, successfully selling a diverse range of properties throughout Norfolk. Alex's fantastic determination and valuable experience allow him to know in great detail all aspects of the moving process, ensuring a seamless journey for his clients. "At Minors & Brady, we prioritize a friendly and human approach, understanding that every property, move, and situation is unique. From the very beginning, we tailor an individual marketing strategy that caters to your specific needs and goals." 

Outside of work, Alex finds joy in watching various sports, including football, cricket, and polo. In August 2021, he took on a new role as the Manager of Kings Lynn Speedway, a perfect fit for his lifelong love of the sport. When he's not immersed in the world of estate agency or sports, Alex is a doting Dad and loves to spend quality time with his daughter Autumn and son Enzo. 

Adam Waters

Operations Director

Adam is an esteemed member of our team, handpicked from a prominent national estate agent in Norwich. His journey within the business, starting as a Trainee and progressing to the role of Operations Director, is a testament to his growth and dedication within the company. Adam has truly become the backbone of Minors and Brady, contributing significantly to the organisation's success.

Adam takes great pride in being part of our positive team, where delivering exceptional service is of utmost importance. Our reputation is built on consistently delivering quality experiences to our clients which Adam completes in his daily communications.

During his free time, Adam is a dedicated football enthusiast, holding a season ticket for Norwich City Football Club. He also takes pleasure in skiing and has participated in regional and national competitions. March 2021 marked a new chapter as Adam and his wife, Charlotte, joyfully welcomed their son, Anderson, to the world. Fast forward to December 2023, and Anderson proudly stepped into Big Brother shoes with the arrival of little Bodie.

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Lee Mortier

Area Director

Lee Mortier, the Area Director of Wroxham, kick-started his career as a trainee. Driven by his passion for the job and unwavering determination to excel, he has held various positions, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the business as a whole, ultimately achieving the esteemed role of Area Director.

In his current role, Lee derives the greatest satisfaction from encouraging personal and staff development. He firmly believes that a happy, well-supported team is the key to success and dedicates himself to being a reliable resource for any inquiries or concerns that his team might have.

In his free time, Lee Mortier is an advocate of supporting local businesses, with a special fondness for NR3's renowned The Stanley. He's also a music enthusiast who frequently attends live events and gigs, and he maintains his fitness by engaging in activities like boxing and tennis. 

Daniel Emery

Area Director

Dan, our Dereham Area Director, brings a wealth of diverse and colourful experiences to the table. His undeniable passion for sales and the thrill of closing deals fuels his drive in the industry. Dan's journey began as a trainee over a decade ago, and through unwavering dedication and commitment, he has climbed the ranks to successfully manage his own team, a testament to his impressive career trajectory.

Dan is a true all-rounder in every sense. His comprehensive understanding of each facet of the business, combined with his meticulous approach, ensures that his office runs smoothly and efficiently. His remarkable journey at Minors and Brady, ascending from trainee to Area Director, took just under five years, which is a testament to his outstanding progress. We eagerly anticipate the exciting prospects and accomplishments that the next five years will bring.

As a recent father, Dan is embarking on the wonderful journey of parenthood with his fiancé. When he's not tending to fatherly duties, you can often find him enjoying a leisurely round of golf, taking a well-deserved break and pursuing his passion for the sport. 

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Charlie Harkness

Area Director

Charlie embarked on his professional journey as a trainee back in 2013, and over the past decade, he has accumulated a wealth of valuable experience. His passion for selling beautiful homes in Norfolk aligns seamlessly with his enjoyment of networking with both new and current colleagues, making him a well-rounded and dedicated professional.

In his current role, Charlie manages the Unthank branch, where he is dedicated to motivating his team and creating a positive and supportive work environment for all his colleagues. His extensive knowledge in all aspects of the business, which he has acquired through working his way up the ranks, proves to be exceptionally beneficial in supporting and guiding every member of the staff at his branch.

Outside of work, Charlie is an avid sports enthusiast, particularly excelling in the sport of cricket, where he has achieved a high level of proficiency. When he's not on the cricket field, he values spending quality time with his partner and friends. 

Curtis Pointin

Listings Director

Curtis is an incredibly passionate member of our team who is dedicated to providing exceptional service. With his extensive industry experience, Curtis specializes in crafting customized marketing plans tailored to each client's unique needs. He takes great pride in his positive attitude and unwavering determination to achieve success.

Through his hard work and unwavering passion, Curtis has earned the role of Listings Director as of August 2021. In this position, he ensures that his team of Property Valuers create the best possible moving experience for clients, equipping them with all the necessary details for an informed and seamless transition. 

When he's not at work, Curtis enjoys socializing with friends and embarking on long walks with his beloved dogs, Ava and Digby. Family time is also of great importance to him, as he cherishes moments spent with his wife Ria and daughters Grace & Lily. For moments of tranquillity, you can often find Curtis at his local fishing lake, enjoying the peacefulness it offers.

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Emma Atkin

Head of Aftersales

After gaining experience at a reputable solicitor's firm in Norwich City Centre, Emma joined the Minors & Brady team in 2018. During her time at the company, she has proven herself to be an invaluable asset. With her exceptional organizational skills and composed nature, Emma has recently earned a well-deserved promotion to Head of our After-Sales department.

As a valued member of the team, Emma, along with her Sale Progression team, plays a vital role in ensuring smooth and stress-free property transactions. Collaborating closely with her colleagues, she proactively follows up with solicitors, resolves any survey-related issues, and coordinates moving dates. Her proactive approach and attention to detail greatly contribute to successful sales completion.

During her leisure time, Emma is a dedicated sun-seeker who delights in exploring new countries with her loved ones whenever possible. In addition to her travelling adventures, Emma also has a love for culinary adventures, regularly venturing to Norwich's diverse array of restaurants to indulge in new and exciting food experiences.

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Sara Hansler

Head of Marketing & Administration

Sara has been a valuable member of our team since 2018, driven by her passion for architecture and interior design. Her meticulous attention to detail has played a pivotal role in elevating Minors and Brady's marketing efforts. Starting as a Trainee Administrator, Sara's dedication led her to her current role as Head of Marketing and Administration.

In her current position, Sara leads a team of administrators across all of our Norfolk branches. When the pandemic hit in 2020, Sara took on the additional role of managing our social media. Here, her natural creative flair and design skills not only doubled our following on social platforms but also significantly increased interest from potential clients through a well-thought-out social media strategy, setting us apart from our competitors. Now she hosts a small team dedicated to marketing the Minors and Brady brand across all traditional and nontraditional marketing channels.  

During her spare time, Sara enjoys expanding her language skills, leisurely bike rides with friends, and exploring new places with her fiancé, Lewis.

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Luke Savins

Head of Lettings

Our Head of Lettings, Luke Savins, boasts a rich history of experience spanning a decade in the field. He has recently collaborated with several agencies throughout Norfolk, drawing from his personal experience with a less-than-satisfactory rental service for his family property. This experience ignited his passion for the industry and fueled his drive to make a positive change.

Since entering the industry, Luke has managed over 4,000 tenancies in both residential and commercial properties, amassing a wealth of experience. His remarkable achievements at Minors and Brady include tripling the size of his team, ensuring that every applicant is treated with the utmost care, and nearly doubling the property portfolio managed for our landlords.

As a recent father, you'll often find Luke enjoying quality time with his family, exploring the picturesque coastlines and natural wonders in the local area. He's passionate about teaching his daughter about the fascinating world of creepy crawlies that can be found in Norfolk. Additionally, it's worth noting that Luke is a passionate computer enthusiast, a skill that proves invaluable in his day-to-day responsibilities.

Connor Robinson

Branch Manager - Lowestoft 

Connor Robinson, our Branch Manager in Lowestoft, has been a valuable part of our team since 2019, where he oversees the sales department. With an impressive eight years of experience in the industry, he leads his team with confidence, skillfully managing offers and upholding the reputation of Minors and Brady at all times.

Connor's reputable history in the industry has earned him the trust of clients who value his extensive local knowledge and compassionate assistance during what can be a stressful time in their lives. His commitment to ensuring a smooth experience is reflected in the positive reviews and recommendations from previous clients.

In his free time, Connor is an avid football enthusiast, both as a player and a spectator, with a particular focus on supporting Lowestoft Town FC. 

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Dan Overy

Branch Manager - Caister-on-Sea

In 2021, Dan became a valuable addition to our team in Caister-on-Sea. With an impressive background of working for three local agents over a span of seven years, Dan recognized Minors & Brady as the ideal place to advance his career in the estate agency industry. His decision has proven to be a remarkable one, as within just a month of joining us, Dan not only surpassed our company targets but also achieved outstanding personal statistics. 

His dedication and exceptional performance quickly caught the attention of the team, resulting in his transition to an office-based role where he now oversees the rest of the talented Lowestoft team. Dan's infectious charm and upbeat personality have endeared him to both colleagues and clients alike. 

Beyond his professional life, Dan has a passion for football and films. Whether cheering for his favourite team or watching the latest cinema releases. Additionally, Dan values the importance of family and often spends time with his step-brother Lee, our Area Director for North Norfolk, during their family outings. 

Abi McIntosh

Branch Manager - Wroxham

Abi McIntosh, our recently appointed Wroxham Branch Manager, has been an integral part of our team for more than three years, leaving a positive impact since her very first day. Her early years were marked by frequent relocations with her family, which kindled her lifelong fascination with the moving process and interior design.

Abi approaches her work with a strong commitment to providing each client with care, knowledge, and unwavering consistency. She takes great pleasure in forging client relationships and establishing a rapport that goes beyond merely facilitating a home purchase, which is evident in the positive reviews she consistently receives. Her dedication to building genuine connections with clients is at the heart of her professional ethos.

During her leisure time, Abi finds enjoyment in participating in gym classes and organising staycations with her friends. While in the local area, she takes delight in dining at local restaurants. 

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Jack Denny

Branch Manager - Dereham

Jack Denny joined our team from a hospitality background, where he cultivated a deep appreciation for customer communication and service. This background has provided him with valuable skills and a customer-centric approach that has seamlessly translated into his role in real estate. Jack's journey reflects his commitment to excellence and his ability to bring a unique perspective to our team, enhancing our client interactions and service quality.

Now our newly appointed Branch Manager of Dereham, demonstrates that dedication to your role can lead to great success. His kind and compassionate nature, coupled with his extensive knowledge in the field, has earned him high praise from our clients. Jack's journey to the position of Branch Manager is a testament to his unwavering commitment and expertise in the real estate industry, and his leadership continues to bring value to our team while ensuring client satisfaction.

Outside of work, Jack's passion for sports shines through, with cricket and football being among his favourite sports. His appreciation for these activities demonstrates his dedication and love for physical pursuits, which further enhances his well-rounded approach to life and work.

Mia Staff

Senior Property Consultant

Mia Staff possesses a versatile skill set in her role as a Senior Negotiator, backed by over five years of industry experience. Her career in estate agency commenced after the successful completion of three A-Levels. Starting as an administrator at Minors and Brady, Mia's unwavering dedication and hard work propelled her to her current role.

Mia's strong ties to the Caister area enable her to offer invaluable insights and guidance to our clients, ensuring they make well-informed decisions throughout their property journey. Her accomplishments within the business are a testament to her exceptional work ethic and dedication to excellence.

Beyond her working life, Mia & her boyfriend Jack have recently taken the exciting step of purchasing their first home, which they are currently renovating. This personal experience further fuels Mia's understanding of the challenges and rewards associated with property ownership, enabling her to connect with clients on a relatable level.

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Macey-Lea Wright

Senior Property Consultant

Macey-Lea Wright, our Senior Property Consultant, brings over six years of industry experience, starting as an Apprentice at 18. Her early exposure to her parents' renovation projects ignited her passion for property.

Her journey from Apprentice to Senior Property Consultant reflects her dedication and unwavering commitment to the industry, making her a trusted and experienced professional within our team, offering valuable insights and expertise to our clients. Her role at Minors and Brady allows her to communicate with a range of clients and build rapport with buyers with extensive portfolios. Her naturally bubbly personality creates an approachable and welcoming environment, which is especially valuable for clients who would initially perceive this process as quite daunting.

She excels in building rapport with clients, ensuring they feel comfortable and supported throughout their real estate journey. In her spare time, Macey-Lea enjoys staying active and visiting the gym. Additionally, she generously contributes her time as a barmaid at her local pub, showcasing her dedication to both her personal well-being and her community. 

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Bradley Stark

Senior Property Consultant

Bradley Stark joined Minors and Brady back in 2018 where he started his property journey as a trainee property consultant. Five years later, he has propelled his way up to Senior Property Consultant. Bradley's journey within the company reflects his commitment to excellence and his relentless pursuit of professional growth.

Bradley's profound familiarity with Caister sets him apart from the competition, as he has been an integral part of the local community since his youth. His authenticity and positive attitude towards his role have consistently garnered positive feedback from both peers and clients. Bradley's deep-rooted connection to Caister and his sincere approach make him a trusted and respected figure in his field.

In his leisure hours, Bradley proudly holds a season ticket for Norwich City Football Club, although his attendance is somewhat limited due to his commitments as a valued player for Earsham FC. Most weekends, you'll find him on the pitch, passionately contributing to his team's success.

Chris Fulcher

Senior Property Consultant

Chris Fulcher, an experienced estate agency professional with over four years of experience who joined our team in early 2023. Before he joined our team, he began his journey as a Trainee Lettings Negotiator at another agency and developed into becoming a successful Branch Manager leading his team daily. His passion for property came from his early career development when he completed a brickwork qualification. His passion for architecture and sales meant being in the estate agency world was a no-brainer.  

Chris has won several awards for his efforts within the industry, from Negotiator of the Year across the whole of East Anglia to Valuer of the Quarter and, since his role here, he has been rewarded for his efforts to the service and, developed from Property Consultant to Senior Property Consultant. His experience and kind nature have become a vital asset to the Wroxham branch.  

If you don't catch Chris immersed in his work, you're likely to discover him pushing his physical limits through various high-impact sports. His recent endeavors include competing in multiple amateur boxing matches, where he has consistently secured clean victories each time. 

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Jasmine Fitt

Senior Sales Progressor

Jasmine's journey in the property industry began in 2017, and since then, her career trajectory has been marked by remarkable achievements. Starting as a Lettings Administrator, she steadily worked her way up to the role of Negotiator with a national company, eventually managing her own office. 

Her journey with Minors and Brady began as a trainee Aftersales Progressor, where her determination and unwavering dedication to her role became evident. Due to her exceptional performance and commitment, Jasmine has risen to become a Senior member of her team. Her impressive journey is a testament to her resilience and expertise within the real estate industry. 

During her free time, Jasmine enjoys camping weekends under the starry sky, often in the company of close friends and family. These outdoor adventures provide her with cherished moments of relaxation. 

Cassandra Creak

Senior Sales Progressor

Cassandra Creak previously worked in Sales for another agency before embarking on her Minors and Brady journey. Her professional expertise is complemented by her interests in property shows and interior design, making her a well-rounded asset to the team.

Cassandra's unique specialization in caravan and park home sales sets her apart, making her a valuable resource with a distinctive skill set. Her exceptional performance and dedication led to her well-deserved promotion to the position of Senior Sales Consultant.

During her leisure time, Cassandra can often be found planning her upcoming wedding with her fiancé, Matty, or enjoying long, leisurely walks with their beloved Dachshund cross Jack Russell, Roy. 

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Claire Wilson

Senior Sales Progressor

With an impressive 30 years of experience in estate agency, Claire Wilson is a valuable asset to our company. Her seamless integration into our team has not only been smooth but also inspiring for young professionals within the business. Claire's extensive portfolio includes listing properties, managing teams, and reporting to senior management, showcasing her exceptional skills and expertise. Her remarkable journey also includes successfully running a branch for 15 years, a testament to her dedication and leadership in the industry.

In her current role, Claire tirelessly attends to all her clients' needs and beyond, consistently going the extra mile to ensure personalized and unique communication for each client. Her infectious passion for the industry radiates, serving as an inspiration to both internal team members and external partners alike.

Outside of the office, Claire cherishes moments spent with her family, she's recently welcomed her first Granddaughter! In her free time, she enjoys cruising on her boat with her husband along the Norfolk Broads or breaking a sweat on her Peloton bike.

Nagilla Santos

Senior Sales Progressor

During a change in path whilst at University, Nagilla Santos found herself following her core passion of interior design and architecture, which led her to Minors and Brady and has been with us since.

In her current role, Nagilla thrives in thinking innovatively, pushing the boundaries, and solving complex problems for her clients. Her exceptional skills and dedication didn't go unnoticed, as she earned a well-deserved promotion to Senior Aftersales Progressor within just a year. Nagilla's outstanding performance has consistently placed her among the top performers in the company, a testament to her unwavering commitment and expertise in her field.

In her spare time, Nagilla enjoys attending house music events with friends, engaging in weight training and boxing at Hustle Gym, and taking on physical challenges like cold water dipping and running.

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Callum Lester

Senior Sales Consultant

Callum Lester, brings a wealth of experience to the table, with an impressive track record spanning over six years in the industry. His journey commenced as a Junior Negotiator at another agency, and through dedication and hard work, he ascended to the role of Branch Manager.  

Callum's deep passion for the world of real estate led him to join Minors and Brady as a Sales Negotiator. His motivation for this role stems from his desire to be a part of people's lives during significant moments, particularly when it comes to purchasing their first home.  

Outside of work, you'll often find Callum either hitting the gym to stay active or achieving a hole in one at the local golf course. 

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Kirsten Stimpson

Senior Property Administrator

Since joining our team in the autumn of 2021, Kirsten has rapidly established herself as an indispensable asset. Her unwavering can-do attitude extends not only to her own responsibilities but also to any additional tasks she takes on. With a background in retail, Kirsten excels in delivering exceptional customer service, prioritizing the needs and satisfaction of our clients.

Collaborating closely with the Norwich Sales team, Sara, and the other office administrators, Kirsten plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth operation of our office. From meticulously preparing listings to crafting impressive brochures, she consistently upholds high standards and enhances the overall efficiency of our operations.

Outside of work, Kirsten typically spends her time in the gym, where she dedicates herself to personal fitness goals. With a drive for self-improvement, she relishes the opportunity to challenge herself and make progress towards her aspirations. 

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Daryl Long

Senior Property Valuer

Having transitioned from the automotive industry after a successful 15-year tenure, Daryl has brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Minors & Brady team. With a strong background in sales and customer service, including 10 years in senior management roles for renowned global brands, Daryl's expertise is invaluable. Motivated by a genuine desire to provide clients with the best possible experience, Daryl takes pride in his work ethic and personal approach. Collaborating closely with our appraisals team, he ensures that each client receives a bespoke service tailored to their unique needs while ensuring their property receives the appropriate marketing strategies. 

Outside of M&B, Daryl embraces his passion for sports. However, his true joy lies in spending quality time with his wife Laura and their two children, Sienna and Hugo. These cherished moments with his family enrich his life and provide a well-deserved balance to his dedicated work ethic.

Connie Staff

Property Consultant

Connie became an invaluable addition to our team when she joined our Wroxham branch in the middle of 2021. Clients appreciate her delightful demeanour and exceptional professionalism, which shines through in her role conducting viewings and now she works within the office alongside Charlie & Matthew. With her previous experience in customer service at a local department store, Connie has seamlessly transitioned into her current position and consistently delivers outstanding service.

During her free time, Connie enjoys maintaining an active lifestyle. Whether she's hitting the gym to stay fit or organizing social gatherings with friends and attending classes at Tibbs Fitness.

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Matthew Lee

Property Consultant

Matthew Lee joined us directly from sixth form and arrived with an inherent passion for learning and an innate desire to help others. He initially developed the skills of assisting people through his part-time job while diligently pursuing his studies. Today, Matthew adeptly incorporates this dedication into his daily responsibilities at Minors and Brady, enriching our team.

Throughout his time here, Matthew's remarkable achievements have included breaking three company records, a testament to his unwavering commitment and constant evolution. His journey with us reflects his tireless pursuit of excellence, making him a valuable and dynamic member of our team.

In his spare time Matthew enjoys spending quality time with his friends and family. Additionally, he nurtures his passion for cars, further enriching his well-rounded interests and pursuits outside of work.

Liam Upton

Property Valuer

Liam embarked on his career journey in the hospitality industry, gradually working his way up to become the General Manager of a popular Norfolk hotel. His transition to the field of real estate was inspired by his unwavering commitment to providing exceptional customer service and his genuine passion for houses and properties.

A significant part of Liam's work philosophy is centered around providing fair and honest advice while effectively managing expectations. His proudest achievements revolve around guiding individuals and families through the process of transitioning into their new homes and ensuring they are satisfied with the service provided.

Outside of work, you'll often find Liam enjoying a round of golf at various courses around Norfolk and relaxing with drinks during a game of pool. 

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Karol Wengrzik 

Property Valuer

We are delighted to have Karol as a valuable addition to our estate agency team. His choice to embark on a career with us has proven to be a fantastic decision, as he has quickly excelled in his role and garnered praise from both colleagues and clients alike. Prior to joining Minors & Brady, Karol gained valuable experience in customer service-based roles, which has equipped him with exceptional interpersonal skills and a deep understanding of client needs.

As one of our dedicated Property Valuers, Karol combines his passion for interior design and extensive knowledge of the local area to assist clients in presenting their properties effectively for online listings. 

Outside of work, Karol is an avid football enthusiast and actively participates in matches for his local town of Fakenham. His dedication to the sport even led him to embark on a training journey in the United States.

James Harwood

Property Consultant

James has demonstrated his exceptional adaptability by successfully transitioning from After-Sales to Sales in Caister. Now, you'll frequently find him on the road, conducting viewings and showcasing properties to potential buyers. James's remarkable skills have made him a favourite among both clients and staff, as he consistently goes above and beyond to ensure everyone's needs are met, never hesitating to tackle any challenge that comes his way.

Outside of work, James indulges in his passion for music and sports. You can often find him strumming his guitar, perfecting his singing skills, or engaging in a friendly game of tennis. It's worth mentioning that James is also fluent in Spanish, adding an impressive linguistic talent to his already impressive repertoire.

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Marlo Hayes

Property Valuer

Marlo Hayes, one of our Property Valuers, has been with us for several years now and has become a valuable member of the Dereham branch. His goal to work in property started from a young age and was a clear career choice for him. Marlo's prior experience working with luxury brands is reflected in his daily interactions with clients, where he consistently provides them with a first-class experience.

Marlo's commitment to delivering exceptional value to each client is evident in his glowing reviews, and his innate competitiveness drives him to consistently overachieve in his role and continuously improve as a professional and as an individual.

During his leisure time, you'll often find Marlo at various fishing spots, savouring the peace and tranquillity of the outdoors. His affection for animals extends beyond that, as he is a devoted dog lover. 

Sophie Wright

Sales Consultant

Sophie Wright began her journey into real estate at another agency in 2022. Following her completion of A-levels, her fascination with property shows ignited a passion to immerse herself in the field.

Her specialization involves assisting students in finding temporary accommodations, a unique skill set that she now brings to her current role at Minors and Brady. Since joining the team, Sophie has offered a reassuring and attentive approach to all her clients, consistently going the extra mile. Despite being relatively new, she has hit the ground running and garnered exceptional feedback from her client interactions.

An avid netball player, you can catch Sophie on the court during her spare time. One of her future aspirations is to travel extensively throughout East Asia. 

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Sam Beggs

Property Consultant

Sam, our dedicated Property Consultant, seamlessly integrated into our team, demonstrating a remarkable commitment to clients and a passion for finding their perfect homes since his first day almost a year ago.

With a background in cooking fine dining dishes, Sam infuses his role at Minors and Brady with a unique blend of attention to detail and customer satisfaction. His diverse experiences enhance the level of service he provides, making him a valuable asset and trusted partner for those navigating clients' new home journeys. Sam is a dedicated member of the team, consistently going above and beyond for his clients, fostering strong and lasting relationships. His commitment to excellence extends beyond the workplace, creating a well-rounded and personable professional.

In his leisure time, Sam loves to spend quality moments with loved ones over dinner and drinks, exploring the diverse culinary offerings Norfolk has to offer. A true music enthusiast, he can often be found enjoying a wide range of genres. Sam's multifaceted interests and unwavering dedication make him not only a valuable team member but also a delightful personality to work with. 

Ollee Mortlock

Property Consultant

Ollee Mortlock has been a dedicated member of our team for over two years, serving as a Property Consultant in our Lowestoft office. His extensive local knowledge is unparalleled, stemming from his upbringing in the area, and he's uniquely equipped to unveil hidden gems and insider insights to benefit his clients.

Ollee's professional approach is characterised by his unwavering commitment to providing an above-and-beyond service for his clients. He goes the extra mile by arranging home visits for a more personable experience and diligently staying on top of emails to ensure that his assistance is consistently available when needed.

In his free time, you'll often find Ollee enjoying leisurely strolls with his beloved pooch Sid and spending quality time with his partner. However, most weekends are dedicated to passionately supporting Arsenal at Emirates Stadium.

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Kian McLean

Property Consultant

Kian Mclean joined our team as a Property Consultant after making a relocation from Bedfordshire with his family. In just a few short months, Kian has made a significant impact at Minors and Brady, showcasing his dedication and talent. 

Prior to joining our team, Kian had already gained valuable experience as a Negotiator. Armed with this experience and a strong determination, he was more than ready to dive straight into the world of property consultancy. In his role, Kian finds fulfilment in consistently going above and beyond for clients, ensuring they receive comprehensive support throughout the entire process. His attentive and patient approach has earned him accolades from clients who appreciate his dedication to guiding them every step of the way.  Football has been at the core of Kian's life from a young age.

Starting at the tender age of three, he has been a part of multiple teams and continues to enjoy playing most weekends when he's not at work or being a family man. It's in this sporting passion that Kian's motivation and unwavering dedication shine through. 

Kyle Rackham

Property Consultant

Kyle works alongside Dan, Jack, and George to provide exceptional support to our clients throughout the buying and selling process, ensuring a seamless experience for everyone involved. Whether he's based in our Dereham office booking viewings or valuations, Kyle's expertise and dedication shine through. 

Beyond his work commitments, Kyle cherishes quality time spent with loved ones and can often be found engaging in friendly matches on the football field as a valued member of a local team. It's worth noting that Kyle's academic prowess is equally impressive, as he achieved straight A grades and excelled in his exams.

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Louis Henderson

Property Consultant

Louis Henderson, our dynamic Property Consultant, joined us recently and since day one has seamlessly blended his customer service expertise with a go-getter attitude.  

In his first month, he's achieved remarkable milestones, exceeding expectations with proactive communication and a commitment to success. His achievements and motivation do not go unnoticed and is regularly rewarded for his efforts within his role. 

In his spare time, Louis enjoys filling his time with a range of sports. From football to skating, there isn't a sport that Louis hasn't committed himself to. 

Henry Metcalf

Property Valuer

Henry Metcalf started as a trainee negotiator, he has diligently worked his way up from trainee negotiator to property valuer. Henry's journey is marked by a deepening understanding of the industry, solidifying his reputation as a trusted and knowledgeable professional in the property field.

Henry excels in customer service, ensuring that clients receive top-notch support throughout their buying journey. His commitment to providing exceptional service is complemented by his remarkable ability to work seamlessly as a team player, he does this by collaborating effectively with colleagues to achieve shared goals and deliver outstanding results.

When he is not at work, Henry enjoys downtime in the gym and working on his health and wellbeing goals. 

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Nivea Sampson

Property Administrator

Nivea Sampson has a wealth of experience gained from her professional journey in both the UK and Australia. Her career path has provided her with opportunities to apply her skills in diverse international settings across different industries.

In her present position as a Property Administrator, Nivea has the opportunity to explore her passion for property and interior design. Her exacting standards consistently result in satisfied clients who appreciate the quality of service she delivers. Nivea's unwavering commitment to maintaining open communication at every stage of the process is something that clients truly value and notice.

In her downtime Nivea loves to explore new places with her friends and boyfriend, together they've recently purchased their first home! She also indulges in the thrill of investing in the latest beauty products and fashionable wardrobe-essentials. 

George Rumsby

Property Consultant

George Rumsby, our dedicated Property Consultant at the Dereham branch, joined our team in 2022, bringing with him a wealth of customer service knowledge gained from his prior management roles.

George has a strong commitment to client satisfaction and a passion for helping clients find their dream properties. He is a valuable asset in the world of property consulting. His proven expertise in delivering exceptional service and his dedication to exceeding expectations make him an ideal choice for anyone seeking guidance and support in their real estate ventures.

In his spare time, George loves to stay active through skateboarding and 5-a-side football, showcasing his vibrant personality beyond the office. This not only speaks to his dedication to an active and well-rounded lifestyle but also adds a personal touch to his professional profile.

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Hannah Graver

Property Consultant 

Hannah brings more than two years of valuable experience to her industry portfolio. Her interest in the field dates back to her college days, and she actively networked with friends who were already involved in the real estate business. Their positive experiences and enjoyment of their roles inspired her to pursue opportunities in the industry.

Hannah's cheerful and amiable personality allows her to quickly establish a positive rapport with everyone she encounters. She is based at our Lowestoft branch, where she excels in conducting property viewings and adeptly guides clients through the various houses available for sale, enhancing their overall experience.

Beyond her professional responsibilities, Hannah takes pleasure in spending quality time with her friends and boyfriend. She enjoys leisurely shopping trips and cherishes the shared experiences that bring them together.

Mia Minors

Property Administrator

Mia joined in early 2023 after being inspired to join the wonderful world of property. Surrounded by a family of business enthusiasts, Mia's upbringing instilled in her a strong sense of ambition and entrepreneurship. Her well-travelled aspiration, combined with her determined work ethic, allowed her to save her part-time job earnings to explore the diverse landscapes of America and Mexico, satisfying her wanderlust before transitioning into full-time employment.

Since the beginning of her employment, she has made a strong impression with her peers and clients which led to her involvement with winning the 2023 Dereham Gold Awards. Her remarkable ability to quickly digest information has allowed her to rapidly learn the ropes and become an invaluable asset to our team, working alongside the Dereham sales team, alongside the administration tean.

During her leisure hours, Mia finds joy in dining out with friends and refreshing her wardrobe. Her most prized possession is her car, and she takes great pleasure in keeping it immaculately clean, reflecting her meticulous attention to detail and care for her belongings. 

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James Roe

Lettings Property Consultant

James has been with us for over two years now and has become a valued member of our Lettings team here at Minors and Brady. His previous experience in auditing has allowed him to swiftly transition into a Lettings role seamlessly.  

His interest in luxury properties led him to Minors and Brady where he began the journey of Lettings. Throughout his career here James has explored all areas of the department ensuring he is fully experienced to answer any client needs.  

James is an avid football fan and enjoys following the progress of his team Arsenal Football Club. He is also in the process of buying his first home with his lovely girlfriend Georgia. 

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Sam Carpenter

Lettings Property Consultant

Sam Carpenter has proven to be a valuable asset to our Lettings team. Drawing from his background in management at a high-velocity restaurant and his exciting experience as a freelance musician composing for theater productions, Sam brings a distinctive blend of skills and expertise to our team.

He is a driven individual with an unwavering passion for helping people embark on their property journey and guiding them through what can often be an intimidating and complex process. His guiding ethos is firmly rooted in the belief that a successful real estate journey is the establishment of meaningful connections.

During his leisure time, Sam enjoys exploring various corners of the world, attending live performances, and has recently embraced the hobby of rock climbing. 

Beth Linton

Lettings Property Consultant

Beth Linton, a valuable member of our Letting Consultants team, transitioned into her role after a successful career in customer service, where she catered to high-profile clients. Her decision to pivot her career was inspired by her own experience of selling her family home with Minors and Brady and being thoroughly impressed with the service she received.

Beth's journey with us commenced as an Administrator, where she discovered her passion for Lettings, and she now excels in this role daily. Beth can always be relied on to communicate well with clients and is always the first to lend a hand to her peers to complete tight deadlines.

Away from work, Beth enjoys spending time with friends and family, especially her Niece Myah. 

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Lexi Mulley

Lettings Property Manager

Lexi Mulley is one of the Property Managers at the Wroxham branch. Before joining our team, Lexi held the role of a Property Manager at another local estate agency, where she had daily dealings with landlords.

Lexi's enduring fascination with the property field serves as a constant source of inspiration, fueling her unwavering passion for her role. Her dedication extends beyond her day-to-day responsibilities; it's a genuine commitment to consistently exceed expectations, providing landlords and clients with the highest level of service and support.

Outside of work, Lexi finds joy in her weekly Netball matches, where she combines her love for sports with friendly competition. Beyond the court, she cherishes quality moments spent with loved ones. 

Rosie Turley

Sales Progressor

Rosie is a valuable addition to our team, boasting a rich reservoir of over 30 years of experience in the property industry. Her impressive journey has seen her cover various facets of the industry, gaining expertise in multiple areas through her past experiences. Rosie's wealth of knowledge enhances our team's capabilities and ensures that our clients receive the highest level of expertise and guidance.

In her current role, Rosie is a skilled negotiator who excels at resolving issues with a perpetual smile on her face. Her unwavering empathy towards each client has not gone unnoticed, earning her impeccable reviews and even prompting one client to name her baby after her—a testament to the remarkable impact Rosie has on those she serves.

During her leisure hours, Rosie finds solace at home, indulging in a diverse range of films or immersing herself in the pages of a captivating book, appreciating moments of relaxation and entertainment. 

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Elle Kendall 

Marketing Executive

Elle, our Marketing Executive, boasts a background in Social Media and a wealth of marketing expertise drawn from her diverse client portfolio. Not only does Elle offer valuable industry experience, but she has also successfully completed a four-year Marketing degree at the University of Huddersfield, solidifying her practical skills with a strong academic foundation. 

This unique fusion of education and hands-on experience equips Elle with a well-rounded perspective that enhances our marketing endeavors. During her tenure, Elle has introduced creative ideas to our social platforms, boosting engagement and contributing to successful creative shoots that elevate our brand's visibility. Beyond the office, Elle embraces a defensive role on weekends with her football team, Horsford 7's. 

When off the pitch, she passionately supports Arsenal Women FC and enjoys getting glam and socializing with friends. 

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Dan Burrell-Smith

Professional Videographer

Dan is an exceptional videographer and content specialist with over 13 years of dedicated experience in the field. Throughout his extensive career, Dan has been a driving force in crafting compelling content for diverse digital platforms, spanning TV, film, and the ever-evolving landscape of social media. 

Dan's creative brilliance and unwavering attention to detail have revolutionized the Minors and Brady brand. Dan's craft breathes life into homes and captures the heart of every home which makes the content produced so unique to the industry.  

Outside of his professional pursuits, Dan enjoys spending quality time with his wife Jess and their faithful canine companion, Merlyn, as they explore the picturesque Norfolk countryside. They relish supporting local businesses during their adventures and Dan have recently embraced the exciting hobby of kayaking across the Norfolk Broads. 

Brad Damms

Professional Property Photographer

Brad is a talented self-taught photographer who brings his passion and creativity to every shot. With a lifelong love for photography that took flight in his early years, Brad has honed his skills over the past decade to become a professional in his field. Brad's photographic prowess shines through in his captivating wildlife and breathtaking landscape photos, which have earned him recognition in renowned magazines and even the BBC.

While he excels in various genres, property photography has become a natural fit for him. He thrives on the diversity of each assignment, finding excitement in the ever-changing nature of his work. And let's not forget his favourite perk – meeting all your beloved pets!

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Aiesha Pitcher

Professional Property Photographer

Aiesha Pitcher is an accomplished photographer with a diverse and rich portfolio that reflects her versatile talent and passion for the art of photography. Throughout her career, Aiesha has lent her lens to multiple notable companies, including a renowned horse-riding footwear company, and popular dog charities.  

Aiesha's journey currently has her at Minors and Brady, where her photography skills have found new horizons in the world of property. Her adaptable and creative approach has made her an invaluable asset to our photography team. Whether she's immortalizing the charm of a cosy cottage or showcasing the grandeur of a spacious estate, Aiesha's photography skills continue to flourish and evolve, leaving a lasting impression.  

Her passion for photography doesn't stop there, in her spare time Aiesha enjoys capturing all the wildlife found on her nature walks accompanied by her partner